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Who We Are

Creating a ‘Brand’ New you. A complete Image and style consultation to change the way you look feel and conduct yourself!

‘First Impact’ is a complete communication management firm. Through contemporary means and modes, we help you build YOUR PERSONAL BRAND through Wardrobe Management, Body Language, Etiquette, International Grooming, Make-up, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills along with Leadership & Management skills. The core energy to accomplish anything we want is within us. ‘First Impact’ simply fosters that energy within you.

Depending upon individual needs & personality, counseling is given regarding body language, communication, social etiquette and other social skills. We guide clients through an orderly process, wherein we analyze or evaluate a client’s needs in relation to their roles and goals to help them create a positive Image and therefore a positive impression on themselves and on others.

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.