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"Dining etiquette is a reflection of your personality."

Business and dining etiquette are the mark of a true man or woman. Most of the business is conducted over a meal today and display of right etiquette goes a long way to create an impression as well as likeability. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes business and dining etiquette training with a fine dining practical.

With the global expansion witnessed in most of the companies, more and more employees find themselves in roles which demand interactions with foreign delegates, workmates and also handling of short term work assignments in various countries. This session would make you aware of cross cultural sensitivities and impart knowledge on the internationally accepted fine dining etiquette. Business etiquette, which is a basic necessity for all working individuals, comes with a basket of etiquette codes for a variety of professional situations, which would empower you to become totally confident in handling yourself appropriately in various business situations.

Benefits/ Take away from the session:

  • Knowledge of cross cultural sensitivities and the need to adhere to prescribed etiquette
  • Practical knowledge of fine dining practices and etiquette to participate in fine dining events confidently.
  • Knowledge of business etiquette, email etiquette, cell phone etiquette useful for professional situations.
  • Knowledge of social graces, meetings and greetings which are useful for social life situations.
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Dining Etiquettes

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